Ilapak has advanced its 3SSC concept and now offers two variants of this innovative flow wrapper, which is capable of producing attractive three side seal pillow packs.

The Delta 3SSC has been the first machine to market that can produce three side seal pillow packs on a horizontal flowrapper with MAP and different types of reclosable zipper, opening up new presentation possibilities for tortillas, pizzas and flat breads.

When it launched at last year’s Interpack, the Delta 3SSC was only available in a narrow version for products of up to 150mm wide. Now, with the introduction of the wide version, products of up to 360mm wide can take advantage of this innovative pack format, which gives consumers an easy to open and reclose bag. At the same, the producer can benefit from the lack of fin seal and use every inch of the pack for marketing purposes.

This MAP machine with long dwell jaws is fed via a completely lug-less system equipped with a unit for drawing out trapped air between layers in order to optimise the oxygen level in the final pack. Product is fed onto the film via a soft transfer system and a modified atmosphere is created. Reclosable zipper tape is applied to the side of the pack in a continuous process, optimising speed and line efficiency.

The main production advantage of this system lies in its flexibility. Servo motors and PC-based controls make it easy to change not just between sizes, but also between styles.

“This can be a major benefit to bakers, who often run many different products. It means that, for example, packs of round tortillas in a 3SSC pack with zipper can be run on the same machine as tortillas in a standard pillow bag without zipper,” said Christian Ballabio, Product Manager at ILAPAK.

Another advantage is that the machine can run products either long- or short-side leading. This not only provides more presentation options, but also enables manufacturers to minimise the amount of zip tape used when running packs in the long-side leading configuration, significantly reducing total pack cost.

ILAPAK has already installed a number of 3SSC machines for presenting products such as round pittas, squared tortillas, naan breads and sandwiches in this eye-catching pack style.

The Delta 3SS will be on display at Pack Expo 2018, Ilapak booth: South Building - Booth 3783

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